Working Of Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette or elec cig(s) is becoming quite popular among individuals who wanted to get themselves rid of the harmful effects that the smoking habit brought. At this time, thousands of smokers around the world are turning to the elec cig(s) as they are a lot easier and effective than any of the other smoking cessation devices or drugs. Although the latter things might work, the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette is a lot apparent. In fact, it is this efficiency that is catching the eye of people and many wonder as to how the elec cig(s) work or how they actually help a person get rid of smoking.

Before getting to know the working, let’s first get to know the problem. Smoking is a lot more psychological problem than what people consider it to be. Although, the physical effects are lot noticeable and accountable, it is the psyche that doesn’t allow the habit to kick out. Many psychologists state that the mind becomes accustomed to the habit and even when it knows that the habit is not healthy, it can’t let go off it. Even though the self help seminars and tapes are there, the turnout in these is quite low because it takes a lot to get the power that helps in quitting.

The electronic cigarette is efficient because it works psychologically as well as physically. When a user presses the button of the e cig (or in case of sensory cigarettes just puts it to the lips), the heating element starts burning the nicotine compound present in the cartridge of the cigarette. The compound just contains the flavor of nicotine and is devoid of all the negative elements. This way, there is no physical danger to the smoker as well as the people next to him/her. The flavor and the whole mechanism of the cigarette give a feeling that a real cigarette is being smoked.

The battery of the cigarette is built with thresholds which mean that it might go off or a LED light would start up to signify the end of one real stick. This is necessary otherwise there won’t be any stoppage to the smoking. This represents the electric working of one cigarette cycle. Now, as the user keeps on with the electric cigarette, the harmful effect that the earlier habit left are now being treated naturally with time. Moreover, due to the fact there isn’t any drug in the stick, the habit starts decreasing with time.

There are different levels of nicotine in the cartridges of electronic cigarettes which means that chain smokers can go for higher whereas others can go for lower. As time progresses, the user can start lowering the level with time because the need or the urge to feel the nicotine is reducing naturally. Moreover, the time taken to empty one cartridge of the flavor also increases thereby suggesting that it has become easier to let go off the habit completely. Thus, the user has become free from the habit and the effects that it carries with it.

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