What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Even though the physical and mental difficulties associated with smoking are known world over, the population of smokers doesn’t stop growing. It is seen that some social cultures around the world even promote smoking without considering the effect it has on the smoker’s body, the health of the people around that person and even the environment which is dealing with the deadly smoke. The most astounding factor is that of the fact that each cigarette company has to advertise their product with a line that says smoking is injurious to health. Since psychology has come into the study of smoking and how to affect the problem at the mind, a lot of innovations have come up.

parts of an electronic cigarette

Things like seminars, self help classes, hypnosis has shown effect to a good extent but it isn’t possible to convince smokers around the globe to try on these things. Electronic cigarette is the latest invention that is designed in a way that it reduces and slowly kills the harmful habit on the physical and the psychological levels of a smoker. Created in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, this wonderful invention is the answers to people world over who ask the question – how can we quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette is just a device that contains a heating element inside it and a liquid of nicotine. The compound here is devoid of all the harmful effects of tobacco but still the flavored nicotine and its vapors give the user the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette. The element or atomizer in the cartridge of an electronic cigarette light up the liquid and turn it into vapors thereby producing the smoke. This smoke is not harmful to the smoker as well as the people sitting next to him/her thereby eliminating the threat of passive smoking. After some time, when the battery is about to expire or has reached a threshold, a LED light in the device lights up pointing to the time it takes to burn a single real cigarette.

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The procedure of recharging and then using up the nicotine will continue till the smoker’s body is devoid of the harmful carcinogens that came with the habit earlier. The effects of the drug on the mind loosen with time and the desire to go for the electronic cigarette also lowers. Even if the habit doesn’t get kicked, the user can go for lower levels of nicotine cartridges. Many pharmacists tell their consumers to keep a tab on the level they are smoking now and how much time it takes for them to go through the whole cartridge. When the time period starts increasing, the level could be lowered.

Without having to even think of quitting smoking, the habit is being naturally dealt with and the user transforms from a smoker to a non smoker. It is completely different from other products and a lot more effective because the user doesn’t have to contend with the ache that a smoker has to face when he/she quits. Moreover, this makes the whole process quite easier.

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