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smoke stik ecig
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Pros: Smokestik is a two-in one electronic cigarette.

Cons: Smoke Stik does not have the smooth feel such as Green Smokes or Blu Cigs.

The Bottom Line: The convenience of the two piece system as well as their a company based out of the U.S.
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Although the negative effects of cigarette smoking have been known and publicized throughout the world for several decades now, the awareness regarding the harms of smoking is just being appreciated. Electronic cigarettes are another innovation in the long line of things designed to help people quit this dangerous habit but these are seen to work the most. Smoke stik electronic cigarette is a good example of the fact considering even Leonardo Dicaprio and Katherine Heigl are employing them. As aforementioned, this fact is known that smoking has many harms and this is because of the carbon monoxide, tar, tobacco and thousands of other effluents that are present in a cigarette.

The SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette

The smoke stik electronic cigarette takes the same mechanism of a cigarette and transforms it in two ways – the first is that the whole working is done with an electric mechanism (instead of the tobacco there are cartridges used in the cigarette). The second thing is that the cartridges present in an electronic cigarette are devoid of all the harmful effluents that are present in the traditional cigarette and are just filled with nicotine. When a smoker smokes from smoke stik electronic cigarette, then he or she just gets the nicotine hit similar to the traditional smoke but devoid of the harmful chemicals.


The first benefit of sticking to smoke stik electronic cigarette is the fact that the user would be saving approximately thousand dollars every year that he or she spends on the traditional smoke packs. Every one of the smoke stik cartomizers or cartridges work similar to two or three packs of smokes but the price of one cartridge is similar to a single pack of cigarettes. This means that almost fifty to seventy five percent of the cost spent on smoking every year would be saved. Moreover, as this consumption would reduce the desire felt for smoking, the savings could increase every year.


Another thing to see is that the cartridges can be bought in different flavors. The first one is the traditional tobacco flavor with different nicotine quantities. The user would get to taste the nicotine without the affluent. If he or she is a chain smoker then he/she might go for the high nicotine amount and social smokers can go for the low amount. Another popular flavor is that of menthol which can be bought with or without nicotine. These smoke stik electronic cigarette are usually odorless but by getting the menthol cartridge, the user would get fresh mint breath after smoking.


Other accessories that come with the smoke stik electronic cigarette include chargers and battery replacements. The batteries also come in different colors to match the carry case.
Premium Starter Kit

  • (2) White Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries

  • (1) Charger & AC Adapter 120v/240v

  • (3) Cartomizers (1 High, 1 Medium, and 1 Menthol)

  • (1) User manual

  • (1) SPECIAL: FREE Carry Case

  • (1) SPECIAL: FREE USB Charger

smoke stik ecig

Aside from the batteries and cartomizers, the user can also buy special carry cases from the retailer which can be used to carry the cigarette along. The carry case would carry the smoke stik, two cartridges and one battery which are the perfect combination for a travel. The carry case comes in the traditional royal black and can also be bought in other colors.

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SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Doris L says:


    My order was received and all correct. Thank You for being on top of things. I will be definitely give your company’s name to anyone interested in E-cigarettes.

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  2. Linda says:

    I initially ordered, received my products, used them and still had questions. Lorraine from customer service is one of the very best customer service ambassadors with which I have ever had the pleasure of associating. She is knowledgeable, caring, informative and friendly. She not only deserves a raise, but other companies might want to clone her.

    I love this product. I have recommended it to my friends and neighbors. My neighbor just ordered and today received two starter kits and cartomizers for both herself and her daughter. hey are as excited as I was when I received my order and I wish them as much luck with kicking the tobacco habit as I have experienced. Another friend of mine should be placing her order this afternoon, and she is equally as excited about the possibility of a tobacco free existence.

    I was skeptical at first, and after reading some reviews about *other* products, I was even more skeptical. I decided to take a leap of faith and build my wings on the way down, but Smoke Stick provided the wind beneath my wings, and I think they are doing a fabulous job.

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  3. Jeri says:

    I purchased the Smoking Stick through the web offer at a discounted price. I didn’t care for the Stick once I tried it and purchased an alternative. In the meantime I was automatically sent additional cartridges. My account was charged $44.79. When I call the company and requested an RMA number to return the order (as insturcted on the order receipt) I was told that these directions did not apply to me and I could not return the order or receive a refund.
    I have now stopped the automatic orders. Keep this in mind if you decide to try the ‘free’ trial.

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    Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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