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Tobacco addicts are one of the most commonly found addicts in the world. They are spread across every portion of the globe. Most common form of tobacco usage is via cigarette smoking. Though the habit is very easy to acquire, it is very difficult to quit one as the smoker has to try hard in order to even think about quitting cigarette smoking. Tobacco is one of the major causes of cancer. Governments all over the world are trying to reduce the number of smokers in their countries in order to save people from getting affected from this deadly disease. A lot of multinational companies too are involved in developing tobacco cessation products. Though nicotine gums are very pursued, it has not been able to produce the desired outcome.

ecigs on tv

Smokeless cig also known as electric cigarettes are the most sophisticated and latest product in the market that tries to cease the urge of smoking in a person. Electronic cigarette simulate the real tobacco cigarettes, but it does not contain tobacco. The smokeless cigarette contains liquid nicotine in a cartridge. It also contains an atomizer, powered by an electronic cell, which vaporizes liquid nicotine. When a person inhales the cigarette he actually inhales the vapor, which gives him an immediate hit of nicotine. The tip of the electric cigarette, which has an LED light glows orange. It simulates a real cigarette in every respect except that it does not contain carcinogens, which are extremely harmful and found in tobacco smoke.

Gamucci is one of the leading companies producing smokeless cig. Companies are competing among themselves to differentiate their products from other “me too” products. Gamucci has designed its cigarette after a lot of research work. It has actually succeeded in manufacturing the product after understanding the way the smokers think and want their cigarettes to be. Gamucci smokeless cigarettes come in three different strengths. People chose the strength according to their level of addiction. Smokers first have to get used to the electronic cigarette of strength that suits them, quitting the tobacco cigarettes. As they get comfortable without tobacco cigarettes, their next step would be to reduce the strength of smokeless cig.

It seems people have started accepting the smokeless cigarettes. It is reflected in its increasing sales. Electronic cigarettes do give smokers an instant nicotine kick but saves them from harmful carcinogen chemicals present in tobacco smoke which is extremely harmful.  It also has several advantages over nicotine gums. The main disadvantage of the nicotine gum is that it takes few minutes to give a nicotine hit. Moreover, it completely lacks the inhaling effect which the smokers crave for.

Electronic cigarettes satisfy both the criteria. It simulates the size and shape of a real cigarette. It also gives the smoke, nicotine vapor, when inhaled. Thus it gets pretty easier for the smokers to transform to smokeless cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. Giving up smoking is not only beneficial for health but it is also positive from financial perspective as it is cheaper than a normal cigarette.

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