Parts of An Elec Cigarette

Parts of an Elec Cigarette

parts of an electronic cigarette

Elec cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes) are the latest innovation by the industry to combat the harmful habit of smoking and the diseases (whether in active or passive form) that are affecting the lives of millions of people around the globe. Earlier, many people who had quit smoking believed that selling tobacco should completely be banned because cigarettes contain a class B drug that affects the mind. Due to that numbing sensation of the mind and the fact that it almost becomes a part of one’s nature, it becomes difficult to quit smoking. Several products were made to combat the problem at the physical and psychological level such as hypnosis tapes, self help classes, seminars, patches, gums etc. but none have had the effect as powerful and wonderful as an elec cigarette.

Many people wonder about what actually these are made of and the following lines list some of the components of an electronic cig.

Cartridge or Mouthpiece: the cartridge or the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette is a tiny disposable piece that is fixed at the tube’s end. There is another plastic cup kept inside the mouthpiece that is used as the holder of a porous material that is filled with the liquid flavor. The nicotine level differs depending on the concentration of the mixture. The inner plastic is manufactured in such a way that the air could flow to the hole at the outer piece’s end and even around the inner piece. This apparatus is important as it provides the capability of moving the flavored vapor in the mouth of the user.

The name cartridge is given to the mouthpiece because of the liquid flavor present in it. When the flavor is depleted or finished, the user can get another cartridge that has been filled with the nicotine. The user can vary the level depending on his or her habit when the cartridge empties. Many classes determine their schedule depending on the time it takes to finish a single cartridge. When the time increases, the quantity of nicotine is lowered.

Atomizer or Heating Element: the atomizer or the heater is used to make the liquid vaporized in the cartridge so that the user could inhale it. The heating element runs on its own fuel and that expires within few months. Due to this, the atomizer has to be replaced on an average time of three to six months. The replacement of atomizers is just a single continuous expenditure of an electronic cigarette but it is still cheaper than smoking packs endlessly. Some companies sell a combination of the cartridge and atomizer which is often called cartomizer.

The electronics and the battery of it make the third component of an elec cigarette. Most of the cigarettes constitute of a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. The type of charger varies the type of cigarette and there are different charging options available such as USB, car and even wall outlet. The electronics mostly include the battery component and also the led light which signifies the end of the cigarette.

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