LUCI Electronic Cigarette

Pros Of Going With LUCI Electronic Cigarette

It is a fact that just knowing the benefits of quitting smoking is not enough to actually convince a lot of people to leave the disgusting habit. This can be seen from the fact that even though cigarette manufacturers announce the fact that their product is injurious to the smoker’s health, the population of smokers around the world is more than one billion. However, there are electronic cigarettes (with LUCI electronic cigarette in particular) that help people get rid of this harmful habit without having to quit at all. In this system, the smoker would puff on an electronic cigarette and the system would produce artificial smoke. The smoker would feel the nicotine hit but it would be completely devoid of all the harmful effluents. The following lines provide a glimpse of different benefits associated with purchasing LUCI electronic cigarette.

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• The first major benefit is that LUCI electronic cigarette is devoid of all burning substances, second hand smoke and doesn’t contain any tar. This is the most important thing to see here because these effluents are particles create the negative effects on the body and are the result is countless people dying of lung cancer.
• Another disadvantage that smokers experience is that their teeth turn yellowish and then start withering away with continuous smoke use. However, electronic cigarette use won’t be staining their teeth or make them deal with the unpleasant smoker’s breath too.
• Another benefit that most people would like is that these save a lot of money as compared to the traditional cigarette use. A cartridge is seen to work for 150 puffs or 20 cigarettes and a pack of five cartridges cost as much as five packets of cigarettes. A LUCI electronic cigarette smoker would end up saving more than thousand dollars every year by turning to these.
• Another benefit is that it doesn’t create any passive smoking. The absence of tobacco ensures that a healthy environment is maintained for the non smoking population inside the house. Moreover, this can even be smoked in offices, airports, clubs, restaurants and bars because of the no tobacco feature. The smoker is neither hurting him/herself or the people standing nearby.
• The addition of LED light makes it easier for the smoker to know when the inhalation is being done and also when the cigarette has to be charged. Moreover, the cigarette battery is chargeable thereby ensuring that there is no need for lighters or matches.
• The smoker gets the freedom to choose from different levels of nicotine – the normal level present in conventional smokes, the below average, the low and then at last the zero nicotine level. The smoker can start off with the normal level and then keep reducing the amount of nicotine in the cartridges as the habit keeps on reducing with time.
• Even though the vapors look like smoke, they leave a pleasant aroma and disperse quickly as compared to the traditional cigarettes. Moreover, there are no fears of any burns or unpleasant odors sticking to the clothes, furniture or on car interiors.

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