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Considering the amount of publicity that is done against the harmful effects of smoking, it is quite surprising to hear that the smoking population on the planet is more than a billion. This means that every one in six individuals is spending thousands of dollars every year on a dangerous and disgusting habit. People who smoke agree that it harms their body but they can’t rid themselves off the problem. Many have even tried the traditional quitting ways which included self help seminars, tobacco gums, nicotine patches and even hypnosis tapes. Electronic cigarettes are the latest venture in the long line of items that help in quitting the smokes and it seems like that this is the best thing that helps.

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Out of all the brands that sell e-cigs, blu electronic cigarette is considered to be the most different and in demand. One might wonder as to what the company is bringing in on the table that is making them different than all the other competition and the answer to it is their special blu pack. If one wishes to buy a simple electronic cigarette then there are many brands which give out those but only this company gives out a special-charger for the cigarette – blu pack. This blu pack can be used by the smoker to keep the cigarette and at least five different cartridges inside. The cigarette is locked in a way that it is being charged continuously.

This means that the user gets to charge his or her cigarette when he or she is in the office or on travel. This is a great tool considering it brings in the cigarette security as well as the ease of charging on the run. The blu electronic cigarette pack has its size similar to that of a conventional cigarette pack but lets the owner charge and carry the cigarette simultaneously.

Aside from that, a starter blu electronic cigarette kit consists of two different electronic cigarette batteries (small and long), 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger (in addition to the pack charger), five different cartridges that come in the strength and flavor choice of the user and a service pack with one year warranty and one month money back guarantee. The whole pack can be bought in a sleek black color or a traditional white color. As for the different flavors, the users can buy cartridges that come in cherry crush (cigarettes flavored with cherry sweetness), magnificent menthol (refreshing icy cool menthol flavor), and Java jolt (cigarette with the unmistakable coffee bean taste) and classic tobacco pack (the flavor of the traditional cigarettes that one regularly puffs away).

Aside from the aforementioned, any user could go for the special accessories alone that are otherwise part of a blu electronic cigarette package. These include the special batteries (coming in two colors), the exclusive pack and dock or USB chargers. These can be bought if a smoker lost his original parts or wishes to gift his or her spouse/children with the blu electronic cigarette experience.

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