Prado Electronic Cigarette Free Trial

Why Prefer Prado Electronic Cigarette Over Others

Nowadays, electronic cigarettes have taken a huge lead in the market of products that aim at getting people to get rid of this harmful habit. Whether that is gums, patches, self help classes or hypnosis tapes, e-cigs are seen to work a lot better than them. Even in this, there are different brands and companies which are bringing different varieties of e-cigs to the market. Like with all other products, there are some brands which are more popular for the quality of their product and in e-cigs it is Prado electronic cigarette. This is a big thing to say considering the fact that they are one of the new companies but still their free and paid products are being appreciated all over.

Every e-cig company brings a different type of starter kit and it is usually averagely priced. However, the starter kit of Prado electronic cigarette is more costly than others. The main reason behind this is that they provide their users with eighteen cartridges, whereas the other companies give out only five cartridges. Moreover, the company also provides a two month part replacement warranty on their Start Smoker offer which is double the time given by other companies. Manufacturers of Prado electronic cigarette know the fact that smokers should be given more quality and quantity so that they can experience a long term benefit of the product. Moreover, replacing the cartridges again and again might turn expensive in the future.

Then there is the deluxe Prado electronic cigarette kit which comes with a car charger, a 110 volt battery charger and more cartridges that help smokers to keep their cigarettes charged even when they are travelling. Moreover, the free trial sample and the priced pack are a lot cheaper as compared to the classic method of smoking. Cigarette packets cost more than five dollars which means that a carton (containing ten packs) would come at about fifty dollars. The cartridges offered with a Prado kit (charged at less than thirty dollars) has enough nicotine to ensure that they can run continuously for the whole carton. Moreover, this is just for the starter pack as refilling of the cartridges is a lot cheaper than others.

Expanding on the aforementioned point, each new cartridge bought would run for fifteen to twenty normal cigarettes which mean that users get to save almost four-fifth of the money that they are spending on real cigarettes. As it is known widely, the e-cig contains an atomizer which gives the smoker with the nicotine hit except the tar. There will be smoke coming out of the cigarette but that is just nicotine and that would also dissipate faster than traditional cigarettes.

Another thing to know is that the cartridges of Prado electronic cigarette come in four different strengths that include normal amount, average amount, low amount and one with no nicotine. The last level is for those who have almost let go off the habit completely. A lot can be gained by converting to electronic cigarettes and this opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

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