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green nicotine 5 star review
Pros: E-Cig Electronic Cigarette batteries last three times longer than competitors.

Cons: E-Cig cigarette cartridges are more expensive than the cartridges offered by all other electronic cigarette brands.

The Bottom Line: Overall, E-Cig cigarettes provide the most bang for your buck. You get the most nicotine, convenient design, and the most vapor.
Starter Kit
Nicotine Levels
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Overall Valuegreen nicotine 5 star review
Editors' Review
The great invention and boons of science are electronic cigarettes which has now become the best way to kick the injurious smoking habit. These Electronic Cigarettes are selling unlimitedly in the global market because of many health problems and high prices of a traditional cigarette. Although the health industry is hoarded with various different e-cigarette brands, people like to go for those products that are sophisticated, cost-effective as well as can provide long lasting and satisfactory results. E-Cig Electronic Cigarette is the latest entry in this category but still selling like hot crzy due to its authenticity & effectiveness.

As the name indicates, this electronic cigarette is completely natural and has no contain flames, tar and smoke which you would typically find in traditional cigarettes. The E-Cig operates via battery where a heating substance heats the combination of nicotine. This act brings the smokers to have a complete vaporized nicotine dosage and imitates the precise sensation and flavor of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E-Cig Cigarette mimics a real cigarette in looks, feel and taste but without the hazardous tar, smoke, ash and various other perilous chemicals which are unfit for our health. The best quality of this supplement is that it is extremely beneficial for the parents who long to smoke but never desire to light up their cigarettes in the presence of their kids. Actually, they never want their children to acquire that bad and injurious habit which they themselves have.
Starter Kit

  • E-Cigarette Unit with Advanced Atomizer

  • High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 2 Genuine Tobacco Flavored Cartridges

  • USB Charger

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Green Nicotine’s Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with a Wall &¬†USB charger, is by far, the highest quality smokeless electric cigarette kit on the market. The Green Nicotine E-cig Kit comes complete with 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries, 4 cartridges (equivalent to 8pks of traditional tobacco cigarettes), and a wall charger. All Green Nicotine Premium Electronic Cigarette Kits come with Western flavored cartridges (traditional flavor). There is no kit on the market that resembles the act of traditional smoking as close as this one!

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