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direct ecig electronic cigarette
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Pros: The Direct E-Cig Free Trial comes w/ a complete Starter Kit and has great battery life.

Cons: Only has Two Nicotine Flavors to choose from. No live online chat customer service.

The Bottom Line: Direct E-Cig offers a great intro deal for people desiring to try electric cigarettes.
Starter Kit
Nicotine Levels
$90 OFF
Overall Value
Editors' Review
The Direct E-Cig electric cigarette is a revolutionary electronic smoking device designed as a better smoking alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using advanced technology, the Direct E-Cig electronic cigarette allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere, without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. With no offensive second-hand smoke, our electronic cigarette product offers a safer, greener environment for both the user and the non-smoking community. Select the electronic cigarette kit or eliquid that’s right for you and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already found Direct E-Cig.
If your looking for one of the latest and most used electronic cigarettes then Direct E Cigarette is just what your looking for. You'll find most the features with Direct E cigarettes plus you can try it for free. It will lower your urge and nicotine withdrawal which is the biggest problem of all the smokers who are looking to quit smoking. Direct E Cig offers 2 different flavors and 4 strengths of nicotine to help you quit smoking. It has 5 volt battery compared to other smokeless cigarettes having only 3.5 volt batteries. Therefore, it takes less time to charge and last longer then any other Smokeless cigarettes available today.

The E-cig is also great a product because its made 100% in America but it will also assist you in quitting smoking. Of course the E-cig has no tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, therefore helping you become smoke free. Its one of the best alternative solution to quit smoking and effectively get rid of nearly all the adverse affects of tobacco.
You won't have any smelly cigarette smoke or ashes, and your teeth won't have nicotine stains and you can gradually reduce your nicotine intake by switching to smokeless cigarettes.

The owner of Direct E cigarette company wanted to make an all American nicotine solution instead of low quality Chinese made products. Direct E cigarette has 98% pure nicotine which is made in USA as well as all of the flavoring is manufactured in USA.
Starter Kit

  • 1: 5 volt long life battery
    (most batteries on the market today are 3.5 to 3.7 volts which have shorter charge times, shorter life spans and produce much less vapor)

  • 10: Cartridges in your choice of Full, Light, Ultra Light or No Nicotine.

  • 1: Wall charger with cord

  • 1: Atomizer

  • 1 Cartridge is approximately equal to 1 pack of cigarettes

direct ecig starter kit

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