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The hazards of smoking have been publicized and debated upon for several decades now. Moreover, they became a lot more apparent when the bill to include a phrase citing the dangers of smoking on the smoking packets was launched. Even with all the publicity and the direct warnings, hundreds of thousands people across the globe suffer from problems caused by smoking. A leading psychiatrist stated that smokers know that the tobacco is harming their body, but they can’t bring themselves to dropping the habit. Even the symptoms of smoking hazards are so painful that every user utters a cry for help but can’t make him or her to drop the habit.

A number of companies have been producing innovations that could help in kicking the habit and some examples of it include gums, nicotine patches and other things, but the results haven’t been helpful. However, electronic cigarettes are the latest innovation in the smoking cessation products and are creating quite a buzz in the market. These e-cigarettes are created in a way that they feel and look like a real one (they even emit artificial smoke) but they don’t contain even a grain of tobacco in them. The following lines provide some of the reasons as to why one should buy a electronic cigarette.

  • The first reason is quite apparent – that it helps to break the habit. A smoker would buy a electronic cigarette and keep on with the habit until they realize that they are strong enough to stop it completely. The added reduction in the amount of nicotine and carcinogens that the real cigarettes bring with them are also reduced which also help in quitting the habit. This apparently reduces the psychological effect of quitting smoking as the smoker doesn’t has to change the habit and can continue easily till his or her body is fit enough to quit completely.
  • The second reason is also quite important as smoking not only affects the person sucking on the cigarette but it also affects the people that are sitting or standing near to him/her. This phenomenon is also known as passive smoking in which the people close to the smoker get affected from the carcinogens in the smoke. When a smoker would buy a electronic cigarette, there would be no danger of passive smoking to any of the people sitting/standing nearby as the cigarette just releases nicotine vapor that not contains any of the harmful compounds.
  • This electronic cigarette is seen to be a lot more effective than even gums and patches. They were deemed less effective because smokers mainly used to miss the habit of inhaling the smoke from the cigarette. The electronic cigarette is so sophisticated that the user doesn’t get the experience that he or she is actually getting rid of the habit. When the awareness gradually settles in, the power to let go off the habit also comes.

Buy a electronic cigarette to get rid of this harmful habit completely once and for all, thereby ensuring a safe air and life for yourself and the people close to you.

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  1. Mary Berndt says:

    I purchased an e cig and was doing really well with it and not smoking regular cigs. Then my asthma kicked in really badly. Has anyone else had this problem?
    I would really like to try again but am a little afraid of another flare up.

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